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Email Recovery

Recovers emails

Repairs corrupted databases

Undeletes deleted databases


- attachments

- address books

- contacts

- calendar entries


- MS Outlook

- Vista Mail

- Outlook Express

- The Bat!

- Thunderbird


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Email Recovery Made Easy

Get access to lost and deleted emails in just minutes! Email Undelete fixes all common problems with lost and deleted email messages, contacts, and entire email databases. From purged messages to corrupted email databases stored on damaged hard disks, Email Undelete is here to help.

Undelete Individual Messages

Recovering individual messages purged from the Deleted Items folder could not be made easier. Email Undelete will automatically detect all email clients installed on your computer, locate all email databases they created, and allow you to recover messages purged from the Deleted Items folder in just minutes. You won't even need to know where exactly on your computer Windows hides email database files!

Recovering Lost Email

Things can happen to even the most reliable hard drives. If your hard drive is gone and is no longer accessible by Windows, or if you formatted it by an accident, or if you simply deleted an email database, Email Undelete is here to help. The mail recovery tool can automatically locate and undelete missing email databases. In case they come out broken, Email Undelete will fix and repair them to restore full email access.

Fixing Damaged Email Databases

No matter how hard the damage, Email Undelete can fix corrupted email databases and salvage email from damaged files.

Supported Email Clients

Email Undelete is a truly versatile email recovery tool. Supporting a variety of email clients and file formats, Email Undelete fully supports email databases produced by MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Vista Mail, Thunderbird, and The Bat!

Attachments, Contacts and Appointments

Email Undelete is not limited to email text, supporting the recovery of all attachments, address books, and Outlook appointments and calendar events.

Automated Operation

Email Undelete will never ask questions you'll have a trouble answering. It detects everything by itself. Email Undelete will scan your PC to know what email clients you are running and where exactly they store their email databases. It'll find and scan email databases to recover your email messages or repair the damage - all without asking an extra question.

Email Export and Migration

Considering switching to another email client? Email Undelete can help by exporting messages, attachments and address books from one format to another, helping you migrate to the new client with no hassle.

Pre-Recovery Preview

How do you know Email Undelete is working? The free evaluation version is available for instant download, supporting full pre-recovery preview of your email messages, attachments, and address books. Download your copy here.

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