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Outlook: handy to use, pity to lose.

MS Outlook is so handy to use! But when the disk crashes you lose too many things you need everyday: your emails and received files, organizer events, address book and contacts. Have your disk failed after physical damage, power failure or other unscheduled restart? Was your operation system broken by virus attack or system error? Is your Outlook base clear after Windows re-installation? Of course, it is. Also OST file error, or accident deleting of program or its components can cause full or partial Outlook data loss. And if you have removed your files to "Deleted Items" and then you've cleaned this folder, it seems you'd never see them again. But don't be upset, your data is not irrevocable lost.

Computer memory can storage data for years, but it is invisible for operation system and user, and it can be still recovered. But active usage of hard drive, full memory occupation and frequent data overwriting delete information irrecoverable. So you should recover you files as fast as possible. Do it preferably before HDD formatting and Windows re-installing or other data rewriting. This way you have better chance of successfully data recovery. Outlook emails with attachments, contacts, address book and organizer - all of this you can get back today, if you choose proper Outlook Repair tool.

How to choose proper Outlook Repair tool?

High-quality recovery software features are reliability and security of data undelete, automated disk scan process, easy-to-use interface and good technical support. There are a few problems with fixing Microsoft Outlook. Outlook PST and OST files are stored in difficult of access places by default. If PST and OST files are damaged; most programs cannot extract information from them. And there is no built-in program in Windows to solve problem of OST recovery.

If you like to solve your problems fast and easy, without computer books study and algorithms programming, we recommend you to do it with our Outlook Repair. It is high-grade software to recover Outlook contacts, undelete messages and email attachments, restore Windows Address Book and organizer records, accidently deleted by user or other person or corrupted because of system error, hardware failure or viruses attacks. Outlook Repair is software for non-specialists, and it requires only few buttons to press for complete and fast Outlook undelete.

Outlook Repair: handy tool for fast and easy MS Outlook recovery.

Download your own copy of program from site and install it. Then run it and follow wizard instructions. Select recovery options depending of your needs. You can recover your Outlook data on live hard drive or extract it from broken device. Program scans your HDD thoroughly in search of each byte of your information. Even if PST and OST file is seriously damaged, Outlook Repair can find its fragments and repair required data. Scan process can take some time, depending of the disk size. After this process is complete, you can work with recoverable files preview. You can be sure of all files you see on preview can be recovered by Outlook Repair full version. You need only to select saving options and enter license key, which you get after program purchasing. Recovered emails can be also exported to EML format if you want to make reserve copy, exchange messages, change your organizer or e-mail program.

System requirements

Outlook Repair is program for Microsoft Outlook data recovery and restore, it supports all versions of Microsoft Offices and Outlooks. System requirements: standard PC, Windows 9x/XP/Vista/2003 etc., free space to save recovered data.

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