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Live Mail Repair

MS Outlook Express: nothing is perfect.

Live Mail is a modern handy e-mail client built-in MS Windows. But it has specific problems, such as "2 Gb problem". When the DBX file exceeds 2 GB, base fails, program reports an error and all of your e-mails become inaccessible.

In addition, Outlook Express hasn't tool for harmed DBX files and lost messages undelete and repair by it. It cannot return messages deleted from "Trash" folder back. And, of course, after hard drive crash or operation system re-installation Outlook Express base is empty, and you lose friends' letters, contacts and photos, client base, work reports and archives etc. Windows standard recovery tools don't help in these cases.

You need special data recovery software.

But it doesn't mean you'll never see your e-mails again. Nothing lost is really irrevocable lost if we talk about computer memory. All e-mails are stored on hard drive until overwriting, but it is invisible for operation system and they can be still recovered. But active usage of hard drive, full memory occupation and frequent data overwriting delete information irrecoverable. So you must hurry up with important e-mails recovery.

Data recovery is a complicated and laborious process, which demands specific knowledge and skills from you. But there are programs, designed for non-specialists. Programs for non-specialists are notable for convenience and ease in usage. Automatic disk scan, handy recovery wizard and other features makes recovery action easy and fast.

Live Mail Repair: designed for your comfort.

Live Mail Repair is an e-mail recovery utility for non-specialists. You must press a several buttons, and the rest will be fulfilled automatically. Download distributive of the program from site and install it to estimate all advantages of using Live Mail Repair. Then run it and follow e-mail recovery wizard instruction. Please, select task for program, depending on your needs. If your messages were lost because of HDD crash or operation system re-installing then choose ‘Recover email after disk crash'. If DBX file was corrupted or harmed because of ‘2 GB problem', choose ‘Repair email database'. Then select location where lost e-mails were stored. Program will scan your hard disk completely automatically, searching lost e-mails and DBX files. Advanced search algorithm gets out all parts of broken DBX and program puts them together. You can be sure no one piece of base will be lost. Next step is a pre-recovery preview.

Recoverable messages preview: what you see is what you get.

Live Mail Repair evaluation version is equipped by free full-size preview of recoverable messages and attachments. You can see all recoverable Outlook Express messages on your storage device and you can see sent and received pictures and videos, listen to music, read texts and documents and enter archives. You can be sure all you see with pre-recovery preview will be saved on storage device after registration code input. So you can really try this tool before buy it.

Program abilities.

Live Mail Repair undeletes accidently deleted, lost or damaged DBX bases and messages together with attachments, recovers e-mails from live or crashed hard drive or other storage device, exports recovered messages to EML and MSG format.

System requirements.

Live Mail Repair is program for Live Mail and Outlook Express e-mails recovery on standard PC. Program supports all versions of Outlook Expresses, Vista Mail and Live Mail and works under Windows 9x/XP/Vista/2003 etc.

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